Ruby/Rails девелопер

Ruby/Rails девелопер

Сообщение Maria Rudko » Пт янв 30, 2015 5:13 pm

Іноземна ІТ-компанія шукає девелоперів, дуже високі зарплати.
Надсилайте резюме на вказану адресу. Через 2 тижні приїжають до Львова проводити співбесіди

We are currently looking for dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers:

Job Requirements:
 min 1,5 year web development with an MVC framework (RoR preferred).
 Serious (but pragmatic) about TDD, and refactor aggressively.
 Aware of performance trade-offs and write efficient, scalable code.
 Familiar with a range of modern data stores (we use MySQL, Redis, Couchbase, and Sphinx search)
 Full-stack developer, though you may prefer frontend/backend.
 Enjoy pair-programming on larger stories, and rotating between projects.
 Think independently and love sharing your own technical solutions with others.
 Smart, with CompSci degree or equivalent
 Able to build a platform from the bottom up
 Well familiar with Application Programming Interface

We offer:
 Extremely competitive Salaries
 Continued Learning — We’ll pay for team members to attend conferences and get coaching to continue learning their craft
 Agile Process — our product development is hugely collaborative and includes working directly with our stakeholders on delivering business value, pair programming and daily stand-ups.
 Awesome atmosphere at work

If the above options sound interesting to you do not hesitate and send your CV [only in ENGLISH] to hello[at]
Maria Rudko
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